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Main Page

Hiya, My name is ioletsgo, but you can call me ivory, ivy, or just io.

I'm a genderfluid fem-presenting artist, trumpet & bari-sax player, tech nerd, music theory nerd, and comedian.

my preferred pronouns are She/They.

I like to describe myself by the stuff that I produce, I also like to consume media.

I'm a big fan of Ace Attorney, Persona, Ori, Vib-Ribbon, Hypnospace Outlaw, Oneshot, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Portal and the Half-Life video game franchises. I generally enjoy puzzle and murder mysteries, however the list of stuff I enjoy isn't limited to video games.

I love listening to music (who doesn't?), As a musician I typically like songs with strong melody parts and less focus on vocals. I like the flow that traditional hip-hop songs have, but without a solid melody i'll get bored of it.

I'm REALLY not picky about the music I consume, I like all broad strokes of music.

Particular bands I like to listen to are Smash Mouth, 100 Gecs, Laugh & Peace, American Authors, Fun., and more.

Thank you for reading and have an excellent day!

Bored? Check out my Blog here!